Coffee With Your Spanking

A few hours ago, I got out of bed, leaving Ashlyn curled up in a ball, and still somehow occupying 2/3 of the mattress. Slipping on my boxer-briefs I went into the kitchen, almost tripping over her shoes. Before I Flipped on the switch, I used my knuckles to rub the sleep out of my eyes. “Fuck.” On the bar counter was a bottle of Jameson that only had about half a shot left. Two heavy bottom rocks glasses were next to the bottle, one completely empty and the other filled with watered down whiskey.

I am not sure how Ashlyn’s panties got on the coffeemaker, but I balled them up and did my best fade-away shot, trying to land them on her shirt, which was stuffed between the cushions on the couch. I missed, and hit the pizza box that was hanging off the edge of the coffee table, spilling curst and crumbs all over the area rug. Sigh.

While I waited for the coffee to brew, I searched for my jeans. I had a vague recollection of taking them off near the bathroom. They were crumpled up by the vanity and my belt was on the towel rack. I took a minute to look at myself in the mirror. My eye sockets seemed like they were trying to escape from my face. There was more gray in my beard than there was the day before. For a moment I saw Ashlyn’s naked back in the mirror, and her ass pressed on the granite counter top. I saw my face on her shoulder, and my mouth about to bite into her neck. Then I noticed one really long nose hair protruding from my nostril. I tried to pinch it and yank it out, but it kept slipping between my fingers.

Ashlyn was now stretched out diagonally across the bed. The comforter was on the floor along with the pillows. All that was left on the bed was her naked body and a crumpled up sheet that covered one of her legs and her hips. Watching her sleep made me realize my head was pounding. I needed to rehydrate but I didn’t give a fuck. I should have been guzzling water until I had gained eight pounds. But all I wanted was a cup of coffee with an obscene amount of cream and sugar.

“Thank, fucking, God.” I whispered to no one, when I heard the coffeemaker gargle. “Ha!” I said to Ashlyn’s shoes as I stepped over them on my way back to the kitchen. It was all starting to come back to me, the text I got at 9:30 asking me to come out, the text I sent back at 11:00 saying, “No.” The text I got back at 1:15 saying she was coming over. And then the knock at my door at 1:30. I wanted to send her away, but it was too late. Her friend had already driven away after dropping her off. Also, if I am being completely honest, there is something sexy about a girl holding a bottle of whiskey. “You should have come out. It was so much fun.”

“I’m 38. I don’t go out anymore,” and smirked.

Ashlyn grabbed my shirt and got up on her toes to kiss me. Her mouth tasted like Jolly Rancher shots and sneaky drags of other people’s cigarettes. After that everything was a total blur.

I dropped an ice cube in my coffee so I could drink it faster, and then gulped it down. I poured myself another cup, and made one for Ashlyn, too. I had made hers a little too full, so as I walked back to the bedroom, I took slow deliberate steps. I had already turned my place into a shit hole, with clothes and pizza boxes everywhere. Obviously, I forgot about Ashlyn’s shoes, and tripped on them, spilling coffee down my stomach. “Fuck me!” I yelled kicking her footwear across the room and spilling even more coffee on my wrist. “Son of a bitch!”

Ashlyn lifted her head and groaned, “Stop I’m trying to sleep!” By the time I had set down the now half full cups of coffee on the night stand, she was already back to sleep. I used my t-shirt I found draped over the lampshade to wipe the coffee off my arm and stomach, before using it to clean the floor. I wanted to kick her out right then and there. I wanted to say something dickish, like, “Isn’t there another bed you could be hogging?” But then it hit me. I had a much, much better idea.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I ran my hand over her soft round ass. “You know. I’m not sure who you think you are.” Ashlyn let out a moan that told me she was somewhere between sleep and awake, just aware enough to know I was speaking. If she couldn’t make out the words she could make out that tone. That would be more than enough. “You come over here on a week night, right before I’m about to go to bed. You get me drunk. Make a mess of my place. You know full well I can’t sleep with someone in my bed, especially when that someone thinks my mattress is her own personal throne.”

“Mmmhmm,” Ashlyn moaned, pressing her ass up into my hand. I grip it, and admired how her skin changed from flesh colored to albino white, around where my fingers applied the most pressure.

“I could be a nice guy and let you sleep.” Ashlyn moaned in agreement. “But I’m not going to do that. What do you think I should do to you? Hmm?”

Groaning, she answered, “Please let me sleep. What time is it? Come back to bed and cuddle with me.”

“I’m sorry. It’s too late for that,” I said, now squeezing her ass with both hands.

“Mmmm, that feels so good. I love having my ass massaged.” But that wasn’t what I was doing. Looking through the bedroom door, out into the living room, I saw the disaster that was hurricane Ashlyn. Yeah, it was all a surface mess. My place could be back to clean in orderly after fifteen minutes of picking shit up and putting it where it belongs, followed by a quick vacuum. That didn’t matter. I still felt like she had to pay.

“I’m going to have to punish you,” I said and Ashlyn didn’t respond. Instead her breathing deepened it and soft little snores left her mouth each time she exhaled.

I lifted my hand way above her ass and thought better of it. Too much too soon. Lowering my hand I gauged the distance. That’s better. “Time to wake up.”


Ashlyn’s head shoots up off the bed and she turns to look back at me. “What the fuck!”

I used one hand to scoop up underneath her pussy, and the other hand snatched her by her hair, lifting her whole body up off the bed, and putting her on all fours. Working on instincts, she tried to pull away but I yanked hard on her head, which arched her back and kept her on her hands and knees. Whining, she said “Stoooooop, it’s too early for this.”

WHACK! “I totally agree. It’s way to fucking early. Do you know why I’m up so early?”

“Because you’re so old. Old people like to be up at 4am so they can get the paper.”

WHACK! “I have six pillows. Where are they?”

Dragging Ashlyn’s head over to the side of the bed so she could see, she answered, “On the floor.”

WHACK! That spank would have sent her body flying forward into the headboard, if my other hand hadn’t been holding her by her hair. “And the comforter?”

She closed her eyes and answered sheepishly, “The floor, too.”

I swung my hand down but stopped short of making contact with her ass. Her whole body tensed up waiting to feel my palm, but it never came. Ashlyn opened one eye, and then the other.

WHACK! “Eeeyouch! Fuck! I’m sorry. I should respect my elders,” and she couldn’t keep the smirk from forming on the corner of her mouth. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “OK! OK! Fuck me!” WHACK! “OK! I get it!”

“Do you?”


And then I raised my hand back as high as it could reach, coming down into her with all the forced I had, letting go of her hair at the same time my hand smashed into her, sending her body flying forward, face first into the padded headboard. Ashlyn screamed into the mattress, and I picked up my cup of cream and sugar, with a little bit of coffee. I sipped it loud and then smacked my lips together.

“Drink your coffee before it gets cold. I’ll be in the living room reading the paper. When you’re done cleaning come see me. I have one last thing I’m going to want you to clean before you leave.”

Ashlyn’s head sunk like a child who just got told to do her chores. But the smile that grew across her face, told a little different story. “Yes, sir. I promise I will be good.”