A Proper Throat Fuck

When the backs of my fingers skim across your face, will you know that I’m expecting you to fall to your knees, that I’m expecting you to unzip my fly and reach into my jeans? You keep licking your lips and looking up at me from under your bangs. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle… at first. Take your time and get used to having my fat head inside your mouth. Swipe your tongue across the tip and taste my cum. I’m of no threat. I mean you no harm. And even as I think those words, I almost laugh at how false they feel. But it’s too late for you now. It’s too late for both of us. You’ve already decided that you’re going to submit to me. And I’ve already decided what I’m going to do with your submission.

Slowly, I’ll work my cock deeper into your throat, pressing harder and harder on the back of your head. When you feel yourself start to gag, your body rejecting the foreign object, you’ll want to pull off of me. You’ll want to cough me out and start over. But I want you hold it a bit longer. I want your eyes to water and drool leak out around your lips, dripping down onto your breasts. When you push on my legs, trying to get away, I’ll grab you by your fucking ears if need be, forcing you down to the point you feel my balls rubbing against your chin. “That’s it little whore,” I’ll say. “Take all that cock.” And then I’ll wiggle my hips just to make sure you feel me halfway down your throat.

Soon, I’ll let you breathe, but don’t get too comfortable. Take a deep breath because I am going to force my cock back in, and somehow, some way, I’ll get it even deeper. I won’t stop until I’m pulsing inside your mouth and my warm cum is dripping down the back of your throat. “Look at me, you fucking whore!” I want to remember your tears streaming out of your eyes. I want to remember your mascara running, and your face flinching. I want to imprint that image in my mind, so I’ll always think of you as you’re meant to be when I see you across a room, sipping your drink or laughing at a joke. When I smile at you out of the corner of your mouth, and for some reason your pussy starts leaking juices into your panties, you’ll know I’m picturing you on your knees, taking load after load deep down your throat, gagging it back up, spitting it out around my shaft, letting it dripping down onto your breasts as it mixes with all your saliva and tears.