First Date

After chatting for a couple of weeks on Plenty of Fish she finally agreed to meet. I spy her at the bar, and pause before going in, eyeing her crossed legs and her thigh- revealing short skirt. Her red lips suck on a straw filling her mouth with vodka and cranberry as the bartender pretends he is looking at something past her when he is really checking out my date. Getting closer, I place my hand where her shoulder meets her neck. She turns around sharply, eyes wide, but exhales as soon as she recognizes my face. “Oh,” she laughs “It’s you!”

“Aww,” I say. “I didn’t mean to scare you. You ARE Karen, right?”

“No, no… it’s OK. You’re, Brendon, right?” We hug and I am careful not to linger too long or press my chest too hard against her breasts. “You know…. this is just a nervous situation on its own. So, I’m sure I am a little on edge.”

“Yeah I know what you mean. I am so glad you look just like your pics.”

“Me too!” She responds as I sit down beside her. “That’s just the worst when you realize you’ve been talking to a 10-year younger and thirty pound lighter version of the person in front of you.”

The bartender fills my glass without asking me. I won’t be paying any bar tab tonight. Tonight, I am drinking for free. I take a few long gulps of my beer which seems to suck some of the tension out of the air. “I have never been here before this place is… nice.”

I laugh, “Is it? This place is a shit-hole. I just picked it because it’s casual and close to both of us. I meet you at the Ritz or some other place and it adds all kinds of pressure to this meeting, you know?”

Taking a long sip from her drink to the point where I can hear her sucking the air from the bottom of the glass, swallowing hard before she says, “Yeah, these meetings are already stressful enough without having added pressure. Besides, I am a dive bar kinda gal.”

I wave to the bartender and he brings Karen over another glass and this time it is a double. Karen picks it up and sips from the straw, pursing her perfectly formed lips, not seeming to notice any difference in the drink. We chat for a while about how silly online dating is. How meeting someone for the first time is so risky and you feel so relieved when it isn’t all bad right away. Karen moves a little closer to me, and I can smell her through the smoke in the bar. It is a smell I recognize well, a perfume I am familiar with. I hadn’t noticed it when we hugged but now it is clear to me her, that familiar sent attacking all of my senses. I lean over and inhale deeply near her neck. “Wow, you smell as amazing as you look.” Karen smiles and tucks her chin into her shoulder as she looks down and away from me, and then looking back up she reaches out and pushes my shoulder. “You look pretty good yourself.” We both take long drinks from our glasses as amd already hers is empty. Standing up from her stool, she wobbles a second and catches herself on the bar. “Ha,” she lets out awkwardly “I am no expert at heels. You should count yourself lucky I got so done up for this occasion, mister. It’s a rare thing for me.”

“Glaf to know this is a special occasion for you,” I respond, winking at her.

“I’d say so,” she tells me walking away and looking back over her shoulder, letting her ass sway more than is natural for her walk.

The bartender drops another beer in front of me and another drink in front of Karen’s empty seat. As he is walking a way I take a quick look around the bar. First back over my left shoulder. There is Reggie. He is tall and black with scruffy hair wearing a tight black tee-shirt, cargo pants and military boots, leftovers no doubt from his time as a Marine. A lit cigarette hangs from his mouth and smoke billows around his scruffy face as he shoots pool. Carl, your classic redneck is waiting for Reggie to finish his shot. He is rail skinny and pockmarked from a lifetime of working in the sun and hanging out in smoke filled bars. I look over my right shoulder and Larry is sitting by himself, pretending to watch a baseball game. He is older than the rest of us and wears his pants pulled up too high over his stomach. The laces on his sneakers are never tied. He usually speaks too softly for anyone to hear him but it doesn’t matter. He rarely says anything of value. I look back at Greg, the Bartender and he has his back facing me. This is not by accident. He is wearing a leather vest and has a chain dangling from his back pocket to a belt loop. He loves to tell stories of his days as a high ranking member in a biker gang from the Midwest but he currently drives a 93 Ford Escort. Always, some of his old riding buddies are coming to visit next week or next month or somewhere down the road but for one reason or another their plans always seem to fall through. I check back over to the door of the women’s restroom before I reach into my pocket and pull out a tiny bag with a blue powder inside. I hold it in the palm of my hand down near my lap below the bar. Using my thumb and index finger I expertly open the bag with one hand and dump its contents into Karen’s glass, stirring the liquid with her straw, watching it as it disappeared. Stuffing the empty bag back into my pocket I hear Karen’s heels clicking on the concrete floor as she slowly and carefully makes her way back to her seat.

“What is that, mister?” She exclaims. “I am not sure I should be having another drink.”

“Don’t worry,” I reassure her, putting my hand on her shoulder as she picks up the glass taking a big sip of her drink. “I am going to pay for a cab for you after this drink just so I know you got home safe.”

“Awww, Brendon. That is so sweet. I knew you were a sweetheart.” She says, slurring her words as she leans over and kisses me on the corner of my mouth where my lips meet my cheek. “I knew you were one of the good ones.”

I hardly touch my beer as Karen finishes her drink. She starts to laugh and then holds her hand to her head rubbing her temples for a minute. “It feels bright in here,” she says and then groans. After looking up at me too quickly she practically falls over into my lap. She throws her hands around my neck to catch herself from falling and then presses her lips against mine. I can taste alcohol when her tongue slips into my mouth. She pulls away and looks up at me impetuously, “You got me drunk, mister. You’re in big trouble.” By now, Reggie, Carl, Larry and Greg are all watching us.

Karen wags her finger in my face, “Was this part of your plan? Get me drunk? Well it worked!” I grab on to her to keep her from falling. She lays her head on my shoulder with her lips pressed against my neck. She fits well into my grasp and her body feels familiar to me. And that smell. That amazing smell. I can feel her mumbling to herself. “Shhhh,” I say, “It is OK. I promise we will take good care of you. Nothing bad is going to happen.”

“You better,” Karen mumbles into my neck. “Or there will be no second date.”

With my hand on the back of her thigh I slowly slide it up her leg, pushing up more of her skirt revealing her black lace panties. By now Reggie has walked over and sees what Karen is wearing. He nudges Carl, “See that? She wants what she gots coming to her.” Carl nods in agreement.

I push her skirt up further and slide her panties down revealing her soft white fleshy ass. “Hey, you. You are getting a little fresh.” Karen says as she tries to push herself off of me. But her arms barely work and she has no strength. Reggie’s large black hand grabs her ass as he inspects her. He smacks her cheek hard, and grins his bright white teeth at me. Larry gropes Karen’s breast through her tank top trying to push it up at the same time. I help him lifting her shirt up over her limp body. Greg has come around from behind the bar and holds her arms up in the air as I pull her shirt off revealing a black lace bra that push her breasts together. Karen’s head dangles off to the side as Reggie yanks her panties down to her knees. “Hey, man.” Says Reggie in his deep voice. “This bitch is soaking wet.” He holds up his large black finger that shines even in the dim light of the bar.

The guys help me carry her over to the pool table and bend her over. Her limp body lays there motionless. Her lips move as she talks incoherently. The order is always the same I brought her; she belongs to me so I go first. I pull my cock out and rub it on her little pussy and she feels so tight and wet as I slide it in. With each thrust her body jolts into the pool table, her face resting on the felt, drool coming out of her mouth. I brush her hair back off her face so I can get a good look at her. I want to imprint this image to my brain so I can recount it later.

“That’s it, Brendon” Larry shouts. “Give it to her. Fuck that whore’s ass.”

“Year, Larry? You think she can take it?” I say breathing heavily.

“I rightly do, ol’ buddy. That ass has your name written all over it.”

And with that I pull my cock out and spread her ass nice and wide. I spit a big gob of spit in her little asshole before I start to push my cock inside. It is so fucking tight and I can feel it stretching wider and wider as I push my cock into her. It must have hurt her because even though she is barely conscious, Karen begins to cry streaking mascara down her face. I move in and out pushing and pulling raping her little ass as hard as I can. Grunting and groaning I grab her by her hair and tell her, “That’s right you fucking whore, we own you now, don’t we.” It isn’t long before I feel myself getting ready to cum. I groan and grunt hard and then topple over on top of her, my cock pulsing against her tight little anus, shot after shot of cum empting out inside her.

When I catch my breath I climb off of her and Reggie is quick to take over. He flips her over onto her back and puts her legs up on his shoulders. He jams his mammoth black cock inside of her. “Yeah, you like that you little white bitch? Fucking whore? You like that black cock inside of you?” Karen is of course unable to answer him and this only seems to enrage Reggie. Her tits jolt back and forth as he slams his body into her. Then he rears back with his hand and slaps her hard across the face. Karen doesn’t even seem to respond or notice. He rears back and hits her again making her cheek turn bright red.

“Hey, Reggie.” I step in. “Take it a little easy, ok. No marks, remember?”

“I’m sorry man. You know how I get sometimes. Sometimes the beast tries to come out.”

“It’s all good, Buddy, we just gotta be careful.”

Reggie reaches down and squeezes Karen’s face. “You see that, boys. This bitch aint ever had a cock like this before, has she? I think she is in love with me. She ain’t gonna want the rest of you losers when I am finished. Aint that right, Brendon. Your date loves my big black cock the most, probably even more than yours.”

“What white slut doesn’t, buddy?” Reggie’s body moves rhythmically but violently. Greg, Carl and Larry inch closer, peering over Reggie’s shoulders trying to get a better look of his huge manhood ripping into her. “Jesus,” Carl says. “You are going to kill her with that thing.”

“That’s a man’s cock, Carl. Get a good look at it. That is what a real Man’s cock looks like.”

“I got a real man’s cock,” Carl protests. “It is all in how you use it.”

“Keep telling yourself that, buddy. Now back up and give Reggie some space. It is time to give this whore what she came here for.” Reggie holds his hands behind his head flexing his biceps as he pounds away at Karen’s little body. His heavy breathing morphs into groans and grunts and he reaches down slapping Karen across the face. Not nearly as hard as before. Then with one giant thrust he yells, “Fucking, white cunt.” Pulling back to the point his cock almost slips out he thrusts into her even harder and slaps her again. “Cracker, bitch!” He pulls back for the last time, again almost all the way out, and with one final thrust, the hardest and most violent thrust yet, he slaps her, still not as hard as before, and yells “Fucking worthless, bitch-whore!” Cum drips out of her pussy onto the pool table as he pulls his meaty black cock out. “Fuck that was a proper tight pussy. Too bad I wrecked for the rest of you. Enjoy fucking her cum filled cunt, boys.”

“Dammit, Reggie. I don’t want to stick my cock inside a heaping pile of cum.”

Plopping down in a chair, gripping his half erect cock, Reggie leans his head back as he lights a cigarette. He takes a long drag and says, “Yes you do, Faggot. Now hurry up and finish. Greg unbuckles his belt and lets his jeans fall to around his ankles he pushes his boxers down revealing his very pale bony ass, sporadically spotted with freckles and a pimples. He isn’t hard yet and begins to stroke his cock looking down at the unconscious girl on the pool table. Carl and Larry are encouraging him to hurry up as they come over to grope and touch Karen’s body. Stroking faster Greg watches Reggie out of the corner of his eyes, who is just leaning back in his chair, eyes closed, sucking away on his cigarette. This seems to help Greg get harder and soon he has stuffed his cock inside Karen’s swollen little pussy. “Ugh, fuck… I think I can feel all of Reggie’s cum,” Greg says almost believably.

Just then Karen’s eyes open and she sees Greg’s large belly, pushing through his tight black tee-shirt. She looks to her Left and sees Carl who is holding her hand around his cock as he helps her to stroke it.

She looks to her right and sees Larry clumsily rubbing her breast. “What…. What? What are you guys doing? Please… don’t do this to me. Why? He seemed so nice. The date was going so well? Who are you? Please stop this.”

By now Greg is just looking at Reggie and doesn’t even realize that Karen has woken up. She squirms but her muscles don’t seem to be getting the signals from her brain. And her moving only seems to bring on Greg’s orgasm quicker. He is almost completely silent as he cums. A slight hint of a grunt. After pulling out and lifting his pants back up around his waist, Greg goes over and sits down next to Reggie. “Damn that was some good pussy,” he says. Reggie has nothing to offer in response.

Carl goes next but doesn’t last long before he shoots his load. And as usually, Larry isn’t inside of Karen for more than two or three thrusts before he fills her up. After he rolls off of her we all stand there a moment looking at the girl’s lifeless body, her pussy and ass both leaking cum, mascara streaked across her red swollen face. Without saying a word the other guys and I awkwardly put her clothes back on. I grab her keys from her handbag, go out to the parking lot to find her. Then I drive around back and honk. The guys are quick to carry Karen out and carefully place her in the passenger seat, buckling her seatbelt. “See you guys next time.” I say as I drive away.

Karen is tossing and turning in her seat as the drugs wear off. Driving silently down the empty road I glance over at my date. I imagine how all that cum is leaking from her pussy and ass out into her panties and by the time she wakes up it will be crusted and dried to her leg. I imagine her waking up and her pussy being so sore swollen. I imagine how she will feel, remembering bits and pieces of what had happened. How when she wakes up she will want me to tell her all the details and fill in all the pieces. I brush her hair back off her face. “I love you baby, you were amazing tonight. That was the best it has ever been.” Karen has a big grin on her face as she her eyes open. “Thank you, baby. That was everything I hoped it would be. You are so good to me. Did the boys behave themselves, tonight?

“For the most part they did. Reggie got a little rough with you but I kept him in check. Everyone was pretty good. I love you, baby.”

“Mmmmmm. My face already feels sore. I am sure his big black hand was hitting my so hard. I can feel everyone’s cum leaking out of me right now. God that makes me so horny, all that cum inside of me. You were the only one who got to have my ass, though? Right, baby?”

“Just me, you know I don’t share that part of you.”

“Mmmm, it feels so sore and stretched out. God, I love you. Thank you baby. I am going to go night-night now. Thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for letting me live all of my fantasies. I am so lucky that I belong to you.”