Three 100 word stories

Thoughts Before She Pegs Me

On his hands and knees, looking back over his shoulder she stepped out of the bathroom, naked, except for the black leather harness wrapped around her hips. Locking the seven inch flesh-tone cock in place she caught herself in the mirror gripping her faux man-meat biting into her bottom lip and snarling. The man reached back and spread his cheeks, his adorable anus puckering. She squirted lube all over him and her cock like taking a piss in snow, before grabbing his hair and yanking back. Stroking lube into her cock she said, “I’m so about to wreck your ass.”

Thoughts Before Sir Gets Home

I cleaned the house all day. My hair is wrapped tight in a bun atop my head. My short skirt shows off my legs, especially when wearing the Prada heels my sir bought for our anniversary. A few buttons are undone so he can see a hint of my bra pushing my cleavage pushed together. I hear the garage door opened and his car pull in, the smell of pork tenderloin marinating in lemon vinaigrette on the counter to greet him. The only thing is I forgot to chill his beer. I can’t wait to serve it to him warm.

Thoughts Before Bed

I brush your hair back off your face as I firmly grip your neck. Your eyes grow wide as I lean in and press my lips against yours squeezing just a little tighter.

“I own you,” I whisper.

“Yes you do, daddy,” you respond.

And with that I grip your soft little neck even tighter and grunt. “Say it!”

“You own me, daddy; every inch of me is yours”

My hand around your neck gets even tighter as I kiss my little girl again, our lips parting this time, and our tongues touching… and this is how it would begin.