Sleepy Goodbye Sex

Blue light crept in through the cracks in the blinds as the dog slept on the floor by the bed, moaning and dreaming, probably thinking about chasing sticks into the ocean from the day before. We had another hour until the alarm would go off; before I had to take Kate to the airport so she could catch her flight to JFK.

We were naked under the soft bamboo comforter. Kate stretched her body, arching her back into me. Reaching behind she ran her fingers through my tangled unwashed hair, and pulled my head into her neck. I took a deep breath, inhaling everything: the perfume that lingered, the body wash, shampoo, the wine we drank the night before, sweating from her pores. Without opening my eyes, not even really awake I began to kiss. Kate wiggled against me as her breathing depended. “What time is it?” She whispered, her ass pressing against my cock.

“It’s too early,” I answered, before placing a kiss right below her ear, nibbling on her flesh. “We have time. Go back to sleep.”

“No,” she whined. “I don’t want to. When will I see you again? I don’t want to go.”

Kissing her ear, I whispered, “As far as I’m concerned you can come back next weekend.” Even half awake, the softness of Kate’s skin against mine made me feel like this was where I belonged. It made me feel like my large frame was meant to engulf her body. My thick hairy forearm was meant to be draped across her chest. My beard was meant to tickle the skin on her neck. To say were two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together was a huge oversimplification. The way we fit together felt like we were the same puzzle piece, that you could lay us side by side or on top of one another, and examine us down to our microscopic imperfections. No matter how hard you looked who I was, was indistinguishable from her.

Stretching again, Kate spoke in mid yawn. “Don’t tempt me. I might just come back. You’ll be stuck with me. All your other girlfriends will be so jealous.”

I smiled, and made sure Kate felt me smile on her neck. “Of course they’d be jealous. If they knew how sexy you are they’d want you all for themselves.”

I couldn’t see Kate’s face but I felt her smile. She reached back and pinched my thigh, and this lead me to pulling her tight into my body; biting down on her neck. She moaned so loud I think she woke up the dog. I heard his collar jingle as he sat up. I’m sure he took one look at dusk peeking in through the window and laid his head back down, closing his eyes.

By now, Kate’s hand was between my legs and wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking from my balls to my head. After a while, she pulled her hand out from under the covers and licked her fingers, coating them with her warm wet saliva. When her hand returned her grip felt tight and loose at the same time, like it was her mouth around my cock, applying different pressures and suction. She slowly stroked, and my hips moved with her. It was as if she had control of my whole body in her fingertips. Our eyes closed, stuck between awake and sleep, stuck between having to get up soon and having just enough time to lay in bed a little while longer, the security of knowing we had the luxury of a snooze button- it would have taken my house burning down around us or the dog barking at an intruder to get us out of that bed.

Kate rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy. Right away I felt how wet she was. At that very moment flight attendants were getting to the airport. Baggage handlers were smoking cigarettes outside in the cool spring air, and pilots were kissing their sleeping wives goodbye. The rest of the world moved at a pace Kate and I wouldn’t have been able to recognize. We were running out of time but had no reason to hurry. We laid there, our bodies moving together. I was in no rush to be inside of her, in no rush to say goodbye. I am not even sure how or when she eased my cock in past her tight wet lips. I think both of us were asleep, and awake, lucid and dreaming. I don’t know the specifics of what happened. I just know how it felt. It was like I was dreaming of her while wide awake, or maybe it was like being aware of here proximity while sound asleep. In those moments, between dreaming and not dreaming, little makes sense. I could have been on a boat, in calm waters, gently moving up and down with the soft waves. Or, I could have been making love to a beautiful girl, pressing my cock into her, feeling her soft round ass in my hips.

The bed didn’t squeak. The headboard didn’t bang against the wall. The only sounds in the room were the rustling of the comforter, a snoring dog, and soft faint moans. My hand slid up to Kate’s neck, and I turned her head to look back at me as I massaged her throat. We kissed, our mouths opening wide with no concerns of morning breath. Our tongues swirled around; I came inside of her. I could feel the tension of her orgasm in my mouth, forcing her body to go rigid and stiff, freezing her in place. I swallowed her moans until she finally released. My cum pumped into her and she accepted me, tightening her lips around my cock. We laid there, me inside of her, not moving, barely even breathing. When the alarm went off I slapped my phone, sending it to snooze. A half an hour later, cum dribbled out of my now limp cock still inside of her. Soon we would have to get up. Soon we would have to say goodbye. Even though we were running out of time, to us, in that bed, with the sun peeking over the horizon, sending orange light in through the cracks in the blinds, to us, it still felt like we had all the time we needed.