The Only Time I don’t Allow You to Close your Eyes

You can close your eyes when you sleep, and you can close them when you pray. When you’re scared you can shut them so tight it hurts. You can close your eyes as I kiss you, or when I run my hand up and down your body. You can keep them shut when you don’t want to hear bad news, and you can close them when you touch yourself at night, alone in a darken room. That’s what they are they for. To hide from the bad, to relish in the good. But when you feel my hand on the top of your head, pushing you down to your knees, don’t even think of shutting them. Don’t let it cross your fucking mind. When I lower you to the floor that’s the one and only time I need to see them. Keep them open and locked on to me. Ill grab hold of your by your fucking hair so you can’t turn away. It’s OK to try. I’ll just yank your fucking head back in place. But, so help me fucking God, if you close them, you’ll regret it.

Keep your lids up as your mouth opens nice and wide, taking my head between your lips. I want you to watch me watching you. I want you to see all the anger and aggression inside of me as I force your head all the way down. And when it hurts, when you can feel my cock in the back of your throat, don’t let them shut. If I even begin to see your lids lower, you’ll feel my hand sting you across your face. That’s it take all of it. Don’t you shut your fucking eyes, slut. Cough and gag and choke until your throat forces it out. I know you need a moment to catch your breath, but it’s no excuse to close your eyes. Let your drool fall from your chin and onto the floor, as long as you stay locked on to me. Never forget that your mouth mine. It belongs to me.

And when I am gripping you by both ears, and fucking your throat like it’s a cunt, you better not shut them. Watch me as I moan and groan, as my face crunches and contorts. Watch as my cum surges up through my shaft, and shoots down the back of your throat. It’s OK. Cough it out. Feel it seep out onto my balls, and drip down onto your tits. Just as long as you don’t look away, bitch, as long as you don’t close your fucking eyes. Your mine. Your mouth is mine. Your eyes are mine. Remember that always when you feel my hand on the back of your head, pushing you down. This is the only thing that I demand of you. And you know there will be consequences if you don’t obey.