Summer Storms and My Little Girl

The summer storms are here and many nights are filled with the crack of thunder and the flash of lightening as wind and rain beat down on our roof. Before we met my little girl gritted her way through the storms holding her stuffy and clenching her eyes so tight. Now it’s me she squeezes onto. With each boom, she pulls me closer to her, sometimes digging her nails into my skin. All I can do is pet her soft strands of hair back off her face and say, “Shhh, baby. Don’t worry. Daddy’s here.”

Maybe it’s that closeness or maybe she just needs a place to run and hide, but something happens in those moments. Her lips fall to my neck and she kisses me but I can feel every inch of her tremble. Petting her I say over and over, “Don’t be afraid of the storm, baby. Daddy loves you.”

The more I pet the trembling vanishes and she begins to grind up against me, and by now she must be able to feel my cock getting hard. “Nothing can hurt you – not when you’re in your daddy’s arms safe in his bed.”

Reaching between us she grabs me with both hands, stroking me and pulling me on top of her. Still when the thunder roars out she flinches and snaps her eyes shut. It doesn’t stop her hands from working my cock into her. “Do you know how much daddy loves you. Do you know that daddy will always be here to protect you?”

I don’t know if she can even hear me or if the soft tone of my voice flattens out all the tension inside of her. I could fuck her. I could pound her body into the mattress with my hand around her throat. But in that moment, it isn’t what she needs. “It’s, OK to be scared, baby. You’re just a little girl and it’s easy to be scared of things so much bigger than you. I won’t let the storm hurt you. I won’t let anything hurt you.” And to make my point I move in and out of her so slow. I touch her face and kiss her forehead. Wiping away her tears, I gently ease all the way inside of her, and then pull almost all the way out. “Can you feel how much daddy loves you? Can you sense it, baby? I’m here. I’ll always be here. You don’t need to be afraid anymore”

In the end, maybe that is what scares her about the storm. Something so big and powerful has the strength to wipe me, our home – everything away. And I can’t deny that I’m not stronger than Mother Nature. But as her body quivers and I kiss her lips, I can promise her that if it did, that if we got washed away in some great flood or our house burnt down around us after being struck by lightning, I wouldn’t let go. I’d stay there inside her, holding her tight. “Nothing can take me away. You’re mine. I’m yours. And this is how it shall be forever.”