Erotic Hypnosis: Mind Fuck – Alexis

“You don’t want to do this,” I said into my phone, peering through the blinds at the car that had just pulled into my driveway. “You walk through my door and there’s no going back. You’re going to be mine. Forever.”

Alexis’ soft voice responded with, “At this point, I don’t really have a choice. Every day I wake up and crave your voice. If I go without it for too long I find myself falling apart. There is no way I’m stopping now.”

Alexis was twenty-seven years old with a seven-year-old daughter. She had a career. She had been married and divorced. She had spent that last five years avoiding relationships because in her mind no one wanted a worthless slut who had a kid. Because of that, driving to see me could have been the first real thing she had done for herself since having Emma. “You need this. You might need this more than anything you’ve ever needed. I want you to know, when you get out of that car it’s about twenty feet from where you are now to my front door. As you walk closer think about how those steps are the last few steps you’re ever going to take as Alexis the person. When you walk through my door… you belong to me.”

I hung up but kept watching. Alexis sat there in the dark, staring at my house. It must be a lonely feeling, sitting there in a silent car, too embarrassed to tell anyone where she really was, too scared to take those last few steps. I didn’t make it easy for her. I told her, “I’m not safe. If you give me an opening I’ll get inside your head. You’ll be sitting at your desk, writing our names together inside of hearts. In the morning when you wake up, before you can even get out of bed, you’ll need to text me. All day you’ll wonder what I’m doing, what am I thinking, am I pleased and satisfied with you. And then at night, you won’t be able to fall asleep without my voice.”

In the beginning, before I called her the first time, I laid out the rules. “Rule one, you’re not allowed to talk. Don’t say hello. Don’t say goodbye. Don’t say one fucking word. Rule two, you can make noises. In fact, making noises is encouraged. If you like what I’m saying feel free to moan. This brings us to rule three, you’re allowed to touch yourself with your hand. No toys, just your fingers on your clit, which brings us to the most important rule, rule four. Under no circumstance are you allowed to cum unless I say the words ‘cum for me.’ You must cum every time I say those words.”

She couldn’t have known at the time, but I was already conditioning her to obey me. When she picked up the phone I spoke. “Hear my words, feel them unburden you. Your whole life has a structure to it, but it has no purpose. You wake up every day and do what you need to do only because you have no choice. What does that get you? You scrape and claw your way from morning to night, dealing with one new problem after another. What’s that, Emma’s sick? Your boss won’t let you leave work? He’s yelling at you to stop making personal calls while Emma’s crying in your ear? Doesn’t it just make you want to Scream?

“Well, here’s your chance – you’re first real chance – to let go. Won’t it feel so good to let go? Allow the sound of my voice to take that all away. Imagine there is this amazing cloud descending onto you. This cloud has a color. Maybe it’s white, maybe it’s blue, but whatever color it is it brings you great comfort. Feel the cloud envelop you. Feel it encompasses your entire body from head to toe. It makes you feel so warm and so safe. It makes you feel so calm and so relaxed.

“I want you to take a deep breath. Really fill up your lungs. Imagine that beautiful warm cloud that’s covering your body and making you feel so safe and so relaxed is inhaled through your nose. See it get sucked in. Feel it rushing to your lungs making your chest feel so comfortable. But the cloud can’t stay there very long. It’s too heavy, gently sinking down your body, traveling through your legs to your feet. Feel it accumulating there in your toes. Can you feel your toes? Aren’t they so warm and so relaxed?

“When you exhale imagine all the bad in your life, all the stress that keeps you from being happy gets pushed out your mouth. Maybe it’s an ex, maybe it’s the traffic on your way to work. It can be anything that’s a negative in your life. Maybe it’s something in your past, something that really hurt you. Feel all those things rushing out of you as you exhale. See it come out as a black or gray smoke.

“Now, keep inhaling through your nose, inhaling more and more of that amazing cloud. Feel it accumulating in your feet and in your ankles. Feel it accumulating in your calves. The more of the amazing cloud you consume the fuller you feel; the more relaxed and at peace you are. Imagine the cloud inside you is pushing up all the bad. You’re being filled with so much good and exhaling so much bad. Keep taking those deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel the cloud making your thighs feel so warm and so relaxed. Feel it in your hips, now. Feel it in your stomach. Watch all the pain leave your mouth, see it out there in front of you where it can’t touch you or hurt you anymore.

Let go, keep letting go. Remember, this is what you’ve always wanted. You’ve always wanted to feel so comfortable and so relaxed. Hear my voice guide you to complete and total relaxation. By now you should have consumed almost all of the cloud. Your body should feel completely at rest. Take one more deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Suck into your body the last of that amazingly warm and beautiful cloud.

“Notice how your body is enveloped by a new cloud, a dark ugly one. All of that was inside of you. Now, it’s on the outside where it can’t hurt you. Your whole body is glowing the color of the good cloud that acts as a kind of shield protecting you. Don’t you feel so safe, so warm and so loved? Watch as that darkness around you slowly fades away. Watch as all your worries disappear into the air. What’s left is the good feelings; a warmness from head to toe.

“That warmness is the embodiment of my voice. By now you should be aware I have complete control over you. Feel my voice touching your shoulders. Feel my hands digging into your muscles. Notice how relaxed that part of your body is growing as my thumbs dig deeper and deeper into your tissue. My hands make you more and more relaxed. I’m going to massage your arms, along your biceps down to your forearms. Feel how relaxed your hands get as I rub your palms and massage your fingers.

“That’s it. Doesn’t it feel so good? Don’t you want to feel my hands all over your body? Don’t you want my voice to touch every inch of you? I want you to take your hands and slowly move them up to your breasts. Massage your breasts just as you’d want me to touch you. Realize it’s my voice controlling your movements right now, it’s me who has all the power. And you want to give up that power because it feels so good to submit, it feels so amazing to let go. That’s it, squeeze your breasts, twist your nipples. That’s my hands touching you. It is my words deep inside your mind.

“Feel those sensations when you take your nipples between your fingers. Feel those sensations surge through your body. Hear my words telling you to obey; telling you to let go. Let my words surge from your mind. That’s, it squeeze them harder. Your hands are my hands. My voice is your mind. There is no space between us because you want me to have total control. You want me to take over every part of you, because it feels so good to submit.

“I can hear your breathing pick up. I can hear your soft little moans. I know that means it feels so amazing having my hands on your breasts. It feels so amazing to have my voice touching your mind. You must want me to keep going. You must want me to touch more of you. Feel the backs of my fingers gliding over your skin, around and around your nipples in concentric circles. That motion creates a ripple in your body that keeps growing more and more intense. You want to let go, don’t you? You want to give more and more of yourself to me.

“My hands glide up and down your sides, crisscrossing over your stomach, back up to your breasts, around and around your nipples. I’m barely touching your skin but those ripples keep mounting. My fingers tips send chills up your spine, creating more and more ripples that keep getting bigger and bigger. Feel how your body squirms to my touch. This is you submitting to me. This is you giving up control. It’s my words, my voice, that’s gotten inside your head. It’s my words that are gliding up and down your body. Don’t you want to keep feeling good? Don’t you want this feeling to grow more and more intense? Then all you need to do is to let go; obey my commands.

“That’s it. It feels so good to obey me, doesn’t it? You’re so free when you obey me. Feel my fingers sliding up and down your thigh. Feel how your legs are trembling sending larger and larger ripples through your body. Those ripples make all your sensors fill with pleasure. Notice how you have a strong desire to have your pussy touched. You’re almost desperate for it. Your hips push up off the bed. Can you feel that? You’re trying to grind against my words. You’re desperate to have my words inside of you.

“Now, slide your hand between your legs. Slip you fingers between your lips. Feel how wet you are. That’s it, part your lips and touch your warm sweet juices. Your hand is my hand. My words are your thoughts. It’s me touching you, sliding my fingers inside you, pulling out your juices up to your clit. Can you feel my fingers probing you, moving around, and around, and around, and around your you little nub? Those ripples are growing to the point you can’t contain them in your body. You feel the ripples coming from the bed, and the floor, and the ceiling. Don’t be alarmed. It is my words effecting your environment. My words have so much power because you want them to. You want to obey because it gives you so much pleasure.

“Don’t you want to feel pleasure, more and more pleasure? Then all you have to do is feel my hand on your clit getting faster, moving around and around. Feel the tension in my voice. Let that tension fill your body, feel everything getting stiff and rigid. Feel those ripples reverberating in on themselves, making them bigger and bigger. You’re giving me more and more control. My words have more and more power. You want to let go completely but you can’t. There’s a wall blocking you. Can you see it? The ripples in your body are shaking it, forming cracks and popping bricks out of place. They’re not strong enough to shatter the wall. It still stands in your way.

“The only way to break through the wall is if you obey me. I know you want to obey me, because obeying me brings you so much pleasure. Feel so much pleasure as my fingers move around and around your clit, so fast now there just shaking back and forth. The ripples in your body are shaking your home. Car alarms are going off in your neighbor’s garages. That’s it. Can you feel it? The wall is about to crumble. Let it grow. Allow my voice to have complete control of your body, complete control of your mind. That’s it, you’re almost there. You’re so tense every muscle is contracting at the same time. Your toes are stretched out, your hands are balled up into fists. All you have to do is obey me. Are you ready to obey me? Are you ready to feel so much pleasure? Good. Then cum for me.

“Can you feel it? Those ripples shatter the wall and you let go. I want to hear you moan. I want to hear you cry out. Doesn’t it feel so good to obey me? Can you feel every inch of your body vibrating with my words? This is what you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. This is the moment when your mind can finally shut off. All you had to do was listen and obey my words. Feel it shooting off inside you, getting ten times bigger, twenty times bigger, thirty times bigger. That’s it. It keeps growing and growing. You’re shaking and convulsing. You’re moaning. You can’t take it, because it keeps getting bigger, forty times bigger, fifty times bigger. Don’t stop. Obey my words, cum for me. Keep cumming for me, over and over. Let your orgasms cascade one on top of another. Feel them lifting you off your bed. You’re mine. You belong to me, now. I’ve taken over every part of you. The only thing that matters to you is your submission to me. Submit to me. Obey me. Cum for me.

“You can’t stop because I haven’t allowed you to stop. I want you to breathe. I want your hand on your clit to slow down but don’t stop moving it. Just move around and around in soft slow circles. That’s it. Feel the aftershocks in your body tingling in your legs and toes. Feel them in your hands. That’s me. I’m still there. I still have control. Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath. It is time for you to obey me. It is time for you to listen to my words. Feel a tingle in your stomach. Feel it expand. It’s growing bigger and bigger as your hand moving around your clit picks up speed. Never forget your hand is my hand, my words guide your mind. So, let go. Let me have complete control. Feel that tingle in your stomach increase, consuming more and more of your body. It’s rushing through your veins until it fills every inch of you. It builds up inside you

“Can you feel that pressure? It keeps building the faster my hand moves around your clit. Don’t stop. If you want to feel pleasure all you have to do is obey. Obeying me brings you so much pleasure. Don’t you want to obey me? I know you do. This is the moment when you really let go. This is the time you finally feel free. Feel that pressure in your chest, in your legs. Feel it in your feet and hips. You can’t take it anymore but there’s no release valve. There is no way of letting it out. So, the pressure just keeps building and growing. My words fill you up to the point you want to explode. But you can’t. You don’t have my permission. You need my permission because that’s the only way you can get the release. Faster and faster, don’t stop. You’re right there on the edge, about to lose it, but you can’t. You want to obey me, because it feels so fucking good to obey me. So, do it. Let go. You have my permission. Cum for me.

“Feel all that energy explode out of you. You’re shaking. You’re floating up off the bad. That’s it rub your clit, around and around. It’s me who is doing this to you. It’s me who’s making you cum. You can’t stop it now. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s already the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had in your life. Fuck me, you’re not even sure where you are. All you care about is submitting to my voice, obeying my words. Well do it then. Make this orgasm even bigger. You can’t hold it back. It’s already sixty times bigger than your biggest orgasm ever, seventy times bigger. Oh my god! Eighty times bigger! Ninety times bigger! ONE HUNDRED TIMES BIGGER! You’re shaking. You’re convulsing. Your mind feels like it’s been ripped out of you and all that’s left is this vacant space filled with my voice, filled with my pleasure. Please, keep going. Don’t stop. You need this. You need to obey. Cum for me. Cum for me. Don’t stop. Cum for me.”

That was our first phone conversation. I made Alexis cum just like that hundreds of times over a month, guiding her into orgasm. I took more and more control of her mind, helping her to reach a deep and meaningful level of submission. And now, there she was, sitting in her car in my driveway after traveling hundreds of miles, trying to find the confidence to go twenty more feet. As she walked to my door, I watched her legs shake. She almost stumbled, but caught herself. Each step brought her closer until the two of us stood on opposite sides of the door. I waited for what must have seemed like an eternity to her. By now she had completely let go. She was ready to give every part of herself to me: her mind, her body, and her soul. So, I opened the door, and without saying a word I took her hand and guided her in.

Face to face I studied her short blond hair, her ice colored eyes, her soft pale skin. She couldn’t look at me. After a month of only having my voice she must have been dying to hear it. My voice was the only in thing in her life that could give her peace. It was the only thing that could give her pleasure. I had conditioned her so well. The words “cum for me” were the only thing that could take her over the edge. I had said them so many times and in each instance her hand had been on her clit. In each instance those words sent her body into violent convulsions, rippling through her every molecule. Now, standing before me, fully clothed, with her hands by ear side, I leaned and pressed my lips to her ear. “Do you want to obey me,” I asked?

“Yes, sir” she answered. “I need to obey you.”

Cum for me.”

As soon as I said those words she fell to the floor, her body unsteady, shaking, and quivering. She moaned and cried out, “Yes, yes, yes. Sir, I’m cumming for you. I’m obeying you.”

Standing over her, I spoke. “Do you see how much power my voice has? Can you feel my control? I own you. You belong to me. Do you understand? For the rest of your life the only way you’ll be able to cum is to the sound of my voice. Now obey me. Cum for me, again.”

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