Kidnapping: A Gift for My Sub

“Hold her fucking legs!” I yelled after getting scorpion kicked in the back. Jessica wrapped her arms around Hope’s ankles and hugged them to her chest. I used my knee to lock one of Hope’s hands against the bed as I tried to grab her free hand, but it flailed around like a fish that needed to be unhooked. “Give me your fucking arm, bitch!”

I slapped her shoulder blade. The sound of my hand crashing into her echoed in her lungs with a thud, but had no effect. “Do not make this harder on yourself. I’m twice your fucking size. The doors are locked. My home’s three hundred yards away from anyone who could hear you.”

“Help! Someone please help!” She yelled despite my suggestion not to.

I yanked her head back by her long red hair, and slapped her cheek from behind. “You like that? You want to put up a fucking fight?” I slapped her again, hard enough to sting her cheek but not hard enough to leave a mark. “Give me your goddamn hand.”

Hope moved her hand behind her back. This would be the first of many future submissions to me.

“Keep holding them,” I snapped at Jessica, looking over my shoulder. I spun the rope around Hope’s wrists and pulled it tight until her pale skin turned red.

Hope tried to kick free, but Jessica clenched her eyes shut as she held on. Her face turned red “Hurry, they’re slipping,” she said through her teeth. I moved quick to wrap the rope around Hope’s ankles, and tied them tight like I did to her wrists.

Jessica dragged the whore over to corner of the room by her hair. She lifted Hope’s tank-top over her tits and then yanked her bra down. She squeezed them both before pinching her nipples. When she finished she reached up underneath Hope’s skirt and yanked her panties down around her ankles. “Cover her mouth with duct tape, babe,” I said, taking deep labored breaths.

Jessica peeled off about a four-inch piece of tape and tried to put it over Hope’s mouth. She jerked her head away every time the tape got close, “Hold still, you stupid bitch.”

“You’ll never get it to stay. Wrap the tape around her whole fucking head.” Jessica obeyed me, and made three of four loops around the whore’s head, until her mouth was completely covered.

“I want to hit her. Can I, daddy?”  Jessica asked, combing her long dark hair with her fingers, fixing the maelstrom it had become from the struggle.

“No, not yet. First, you need to show me how grateful you are for the present I got you.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Jessica wore a tight white tee-shirt and short jean-shorts that showed off her legs. I watched those legs as she slowly walked over, still trying to fix her hair. When she stood in front of me she positioned herself between my legs and let her body slip to the floor. Unzipping my fly, I sensed her looking at me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the trembling slut in the corner.

Jessica squeezed my cock hard, and I recoiled. “Easy, baby. Fuck.”

“Look at me daddy. Don’t look at her.”

“You think I like her more than you?” I asked, still staring at Hope

Jessica slowly stroked my cock as she thought about the answer. “Yes, maybe. No. I don’t know. Do you?”

“Do you think me looking at her means I want her?”

“Maybe. Maybe a little.”

I touched Jessica’s face but remained focused on the bound-up cunt. “You’re wrong. I want that stupid whore to see my eyes as you please me. That way she’ll know how much I love you.”

“Really!” I sensed the smile in Jessica’s tone.

I turned her head to see Hope. She had long red hair matted down to her head by the duct tape, and soft pale white skin covered in almost translucent freckles. She had a tiny stud nose ring in her nostril that sparkled even in the dark, but it was nothing like her eyes. They were so green they looked like stained glass in a two-hundred-year-old Catholic Church. “See how scared she is? See how her tears mix with the makeup streaking down her face?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“But if you look past that- if you look past what’s on the surface, you can see there’s something else there. Do you see it?”

Hope closed her eyes and turned away. “No, Daddy. I can’t. What else is there?”

“She’s jealous of you. She wants to be you. Not because you’re safer than she is. She wants to be you because she can’t imagine someone loving her as much as I love you.”

Jessica pushed up on her feet to kiss me. Her mouth opened wide and her rough tongue swirled around. “I’m so lucky,” she said, pulling away long enough to say those words before diving back in. She kissed down do my neck, lifting the curtain on the cunt in the corner. Her eyes were opened now but the tears had stopped. She was no longer shaking and her irises were obscured by dark dilated pupils. By the time Jessica’s head was between my legs with her mouth wrapped around my cock, Hope and I were having a silent conversation.

How could you possible know that part of me is jealous? How could you see that in me when I couldn’t even see it in myself until I heard you say it?

A smirk appeared in the corner of my mouth as I rested my hand on the beck of Jessica’s head. That’s why I picked you. I could see you for what you really are.

Hope’s body shook even worse. Tears welled up in her eyes. But this time she wasn’t crying out of fear. She cried because I saw into her just like I saw into Jessica the first time we met. Without ever having to say a word I knew both of them better than they knew themselves.

My cock grew hard inside Jessica’s mouth. She gently moved her head up and down, twisting my shaft with her hand. “She wants to be you right now, baby. I can see it. She wants to be the one sucking my cock.”

Hearing those words, Jessica pressed my head against the back of her throat, opening it up and taking all of it. “That’s it baby. You’re such a good girl. Show the whore how good of a little cock sucker you are.”

After a little longer, I pushed Jessica off of me, and turned her body around so she was sitting on the floor between my legs, facing Hope. “Tell me how you feel when you look at her?” I asked.

Jessica wiped her arm across her mouth, “I feel like I hate her. She makes me angry. I don’t even know why. Just looking at her makes me want to hurt her.”

Petting Jessica’s hair, I prodded, “Why do you think you’re so angry.”

“I don’t know, Daddy. I just am.”

“But if you had to guess.”

Jessica sighed. “I hate when you make me do this. I never know why I feel the way I do. I just feel.”

“That’s all the more reason for me to push.”

I could sense Jessica pouting so I slid down to the floor behind her and wrapped one arm across her throat and the other arm across her stomach. Kissing the top of her head, I whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

We had been fucking (just fucking) for a couple of months when I realized Jessica had never opened up to me. I had been using her to take out my aggression, which was fine, until it wasn’t. I still remember that moment I wanted more, walking from room to room as I followed her. “Just tell me. What’s the big deal? Every time I ask personal questions you just shut down or try to get me to fuck you. I’m sick of it.”

She held her hands over her ears and said, “Please, stop. Leave me alone. Please, just stop,” until I cornered her in the bedroom. Then she tried to rub my cock through my jeans.

“No,” I yelled, slapping her hand away. “Not this time. You aren’t going to distract me with sex.”

She took my hand and held it to her breast, offering her body up to me once more. A sacrifice to avoid anything real. And for a second, squeezing them and feeling how soft they were- wanting them in my mouth, and to shoot my cum all over them, I almost forgot. Then it hit me. “Fucking Christ, Jessica. I mean it. I’m going to need more.”

I slid my hand up to her throat and wrapped my fingers around her neck. “You’re going to tell me everything.”

I wasn’t choking her. I just held my hand there around her throat. I felt all the tension in her body drop out of her to the point I was almost holding her up. So, I guided Jessica over to the bed and laid her down. Laying next to her I kept my hand around her throat, and for the first time everything I wanted to know was on the table. She told me about growing up with a mother who berated her. She told me about the times she had her heart broken. She told me about the sociopath she had been married to. She told me all her dark secret fantasies she had never shared. This became our routine. When I wanted information the only way to make her feel comfortable enough to share was to basically Temple Grandin her with my own makeshift hug machine.

So now, with Jessica between my legs, one arm hugging across her stomach and the other hugging across her neck, all the road blocks that kept her feelings inside went away. “I really don’t know. She’s pretty. That bothers me about her. Like, just looking at how pretty she is… I feel like she knows it… I feel like she’s probably had it easy… Fuck her! Someone needs to show her that life isn’t some skip through Candyland, like who the fuck does she think she is – that bitch – daddy, I hate her, I really really hate her; I can feel it in my stomach, like it’s boiling inside of me; I know she thinks she’s better than me, and all I want to do is hurt her – I’m tired of being the victim – I want to do the hurting for once in my life, is that too much to ask, does it make sense – I mean fuck – my whole life people have walked all over me; I’m tired of not feeling safe, and I think, maybe, hurting her would make me feel better. I think it would make me feel safe. At least if I was the one inflicting the pain, maybe then that bitch couldn’t hurt me. Maybe no one could hurt me. Do you think I’m crazy?”

I kissed the top of Jessica’s head and squeezed her even tighter. “I don’t think crazy, baby. I think you’re perfect.”

Jessica leaned back into me, and my hard cock rubbed against her back. “How does it make you feel to know I want to hurt her?” She asked.

Before I could answer, Jessica reached behind and wrapped her hand around my shaft. She wasn’t stroking it. She was only holding onto it, and it occurred to me that she instinctually thought maybe I needed my own hug machine. “I think it makes me proud of you. No, it definitely makes me proud of you. I feel like you’ve been paying attention to all the ways I’ve hurt you and now you’re ready to graduate.”

Jessica tilted her head and kissed the forearm I had stretched across her throat. She said, “I am ready to graduate, daddy.”

And with that, I let my arms fall away. The tape over Hope’s mouth flexed and contracted as she hyperventilated. She tried to push her feet into the floor and use her back against the corner to stand up, but her feet squeaked and slid against the finished wood. Jessica shoved her hard, causing Hope’s legs to slip out from underneath. “Get the fuck back down on the floor where you belong, bitch,” Jessica said before straddling Hope and sitting on top of her.

“Don’t be scared,” Jessica spoke softly, touching Hope’s face. Then she glanced back at me as if to say, I remember all the times you were so sweat to me and then out of nowhere you hurt me. Look, I’m doing it, too.

I nodded and stroked my cock. I am proud of you. Be a good girl for daddy and show me how evil and sadistic you can be.

Jessica turned back to the bitch se was straddling and said, “I promise that we don’t want any real harm to come to you. Shhh, look at me. This is just a game. When we’re done playing you’re free to go. OK?”

Jessica turned her head and winked at me. Then she turned back Hope and said. “Are you wondering why? Why this is happening to you?”

Hope nodded.

“It’s because we know your secret. Even though you’re pretty and innocent looking, even though you’re loved by so many people, deep down you’re nothing. You’re less than nothing. You’re just another worthless piece of shit on this earth.” Jessica cradled Hope’s face in her hands where the strips of duct tape looped across her cheeks. She leaned in and kissed her forehead, kissed her nose, and then kissed her lips through the tape. “I can’t even describe how much I hate you,” Jessica whispered before kissing Hope again. “Everything about you makes me angry.”

Still cradling Hope’s face in one hand, Jessica reared back with the other. “It’s time you see how worthless you are.” Jessica’s hand came crashing down into Hope’s cheek so hard it would have flung her to the floor if not for Jessica holding her head in place. Muffled cries seeped out around the edges of the duct tape. “Good, cry you fucking bitch,” and Jessica hit her again. “You think acting all sad and pathetic is going to help?” Jessica dug deep in her throat and spit a stream of saliva across the cunt’s face. “You’re just another disgusting whore to us.”

Then, Jessica glanced back to see me sitting where she left me, stroking my cock, causing her to lick her lips. When she turned her attention back to Hope she saw the slut watching me, too. “Don’t look at him! You don’t fucking deserve to look at him.” Jessica slapped Hope’s tits over and over, alternating between her left and right. They were squeezed by the tank-top pushing down on them from above, and the bra pushing up on them from below, which made them shake even more. Jessica didn’t hold back. Hope kicked and squirmed but Jessica had all her weight on her, making it impossible to get the leverage she needed to push the enraged woman off.

“Don’t you fucking dare look at him like he’s yours, bitch. He’s mine. You understand me?” Slap after slap, across Hope’s nipples, sent ripples through her flesh. “I know what you’re thinking! I know you don’t think I’m good enough for him. Well you’re wrong! You’re fucking wrong! I am so tired of everyone in the world thinking I’m some failure! I’m not going to take it anymore!” Hope’s cries, though blocked by the duct tape, seemed to be coming out her nose, and growing louder with each strike. Jessica might not have stopped at all if she didn’t feel my hand on her shoulder. “Do you like hurting her, baby?”

Jessica’s entire body tensed up like she had been drenched with icy water. She jolted her head towards my hand. Once she realized it was me, she tilted her head into my hand and began petting it with the side of her face. “I love it, daddy. You make me feel so unburdened. I feel so light right now, like I could float away.”

“You’re such a good girl. I’m really proud of you. Do you think the whore’s learned?”

Jessica, now kissing my hand, stopped and looked back at Hope. “Have you learned, slut?”

Hope tried to answer but her muffled words were unclear. “I can’t understand you, you stupid bitch.” Jessica yanked the duct tape down around her neck, making a kind of white-trash necklace. Gasping she tried to speak, “Please,” deep breath, deep breath, “I’ve learned,” deep breath, “you’re right.”

I helped Jessica up to her feet and we kissed, ignoring the pleas coming from the cunt on the floor.

“I promise, I see it now. My whole life is a lie. I know my place. I’m garbage. I’m nothing.”

Jessica scowled down at Hope, “I am trying to kiss the man I love. Will you shut the fuck up?” Then she mushed her face back holding her head against the wall, as she turned back to kiss me.

Her tongue deep in my mouth, swilling around, I lifted Jessica’s shirt over her head. She unbuckled my belt, letting my jeans fall to the floor.

“You’re so lucky to have a man that strong. I don’t deserve him. I could never deserve anyone like that.”

“Did you hear what she said?” I yelled, raising the back of my hand to Hope’s face. She flinched and turned away, using her shoulder to try and shield herself. “Shut up, she’s trying to kiss the man she loves. The man you could never have”

Pressing my lips to Jessica’s, I reached between us and unbuttoned her shorts. I pushed them down around her hips, along with her panties, and they both fell to the floor. She stepped out of them sand kicked them away, our mouths staying connected the whole time. I Skated a finger between her pussy-lips, coating my skin in her juices. Then I raised my hand to her mouth, and let her taste. As she licked her juices off me, I asked, “Do you think the whore will enjoy the taste of your cunt?”

Jessica smiled, and nodded; her eyes growing wide. I dropped my hand back to my side and the two of us kissed again, this time tasting her cunt in each other’s mouth. My tongue rubbed against Jessica’s tongue. She reached into my jeans and cradled my balls in both hands, massaging them. I hunched over to kiss down her neck. Moving her long brown hair off her shoulders, once again I looked right at Hope looking at me. Jessica moaned as I dug my teeth into her flesh, slipping my hand between her legs. Her juices drooled down her thigh. “Jesus fucking Christ. I’ve never felt you this wet before.”

Moaning, Jessica responded. “Are you pleased, daddy?”

Still staring at Hope, I slinked a finger inside of Jessica, only up to the first knuckle. “I’m more than pleased, baby.”

Wiggling my finger around inside of her, Jessica had to move her hands up to my shoulders to steady herself. “She’s watching me finger you. I don’t want you to look. But she’s so jealous of you right now. Tell her how fucking jealous you are, cunt!”

Hope’s mouth opened but no words came out. “Did you hear me? I said, Fucking tell her!”

“I’m jealous!” Hope pleaded like she was on the witness stand proclaiming her innocence.

My nostrils flared and my eyes grew wide. “Don’t repeat what I said like a fucking parrot. Tell her why you’re jealous.”

“I am jealous. I swear I really am-”

“You better make me believe,” I interrupted.

Pushing my finger deeper into Jessica, her nails dug into the back of my neck. “I am telling the truth,” Hope cried. “I really mean it. No one has ever loved me enough to touch me like that. I want to be her. You’re right. Everything you’ve said about me has been right. Well, almost everything. I mean, I don’t think I’m pretty. People tell me I am all the time and it makes me feel really icky inside, like it’s a terrible lie. I hate hearing, ‘You’re so pretty.’ It makes me want to puke. I’m not even close to pretty. What’s more, I don’t deserve anything good in life. Honestly, I’m happiest when people are treating me like shit. I hate to admit it but it’s true. Every guy I’ve ever dated has treated me like I’m garbage. And even though I acted like it hurt me, the truth is, it hurt me because I knew I deserved it.

“I want you to own me. At least that way it will always be honest and I can consent to the pain I crave. Let me be your receptacle for all your anger, I can take it. I deserve it. I need it. I know I’m worthless and ugly. I could never be as good as your girlfriend is for you. I just want to spend my life on your floor, waiting to be used.”

My finger was all the way inside of Jessica, and my thumb moved back and forth over her clit. “This whole time I’ve been scared. Who wouldn’t be? But I’m more scared that you’ll let me go when you’re finished with me, and no one will ever love me as much as you love her,” Hope finished.

“She’s perfect isn’t she?

“Yes, sir. She is.”

“Well, tell her! Don’t tell me!”

“I’m sorry, sir! You’re perfect!” Hope said looking at Jessica’s back :You’re the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen!”

I pulled my cum-covered hand out from between Jessica’s legs and wiped it back and forth across Hope’s lips. “Taste it, bitch. Taste all that fucking perfection.”

Hope held her tongue out trying to lick up as much as she could. “Baby,” I said to Jessica. “Look at her. Look at how big of a whore she is.”

Jessica turned around and leaned her back against me. “She can’t get enough of your cum.”

“God, she’s pathetic, daddy. We’ve turned her into an addict for my taste.”

Still holding my hand to Hope’s lips as she sucked and licked them, my other hand slowly moved up Jessica’s stomach, over her breasts and to her neck. Wrapping my hand wound her throat, I whispered, “Daddy loves you, baby.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

“She really is ours now. She’s so addicted to your juices. Look at her.” My hand massaging Jessica’s neck, I continued. “I don’t want anything to do with her. She’s so far beneath me. I want you to keep her. I want her to be yours.” My fingers pressed into Jessica’s windpipe as I felt her elbow brush against me like her hand was moving back and forth over her clit. “That’s it baby. Look at her. Don’t take your eyes off of her.”

Jessica rubbed her ass against my hard cock as her hand moved faster back and forth. “Cunt!” I directed towards Hope. “Look at your new owner! Look right into her eyes when you’re sucking my fingers! That’s it.

“Pay close attention to me, bitch. Don’t stop looking at her, but pay attention to me. You understand?” With three of my fingers in the whore’s mouth she nodded. “You see this woman right her? The one in my arms? She’s mine. She belongs to me. You understand?” Now, with four fingers in her mouth, Hope nodded. Jessica’s hand moved faster back and forth and my grip grew tighter around her neck. “She’s mine and will always be mine. You, on the other hand, you mean nothing to me. You mean less than nothing. If you’re lucky, on your birthday, I’ll let you lick my ass. That’s how little you mean to me. You understand?” Sill staring at Jessica, but licking up and down my palm, Hope nodded again. “You’re hers, now. Look at her. Look right into her perfect blue eyes and listen to every fucking word coming out of my mouth. You’re looking at the love of my life, and you belong to her.”

“Daddy!” Jessica interrupted. “I am going to cum.”

“I know baby. Don’t stop you have my permission,” I whispered before kissing her ear. Snapping back at Hope, I growled, “Bitch! Pay attention. See how beautiful she is? See how perfect she is in every way. You’re lucky I’m letting you belong to her. From now on your only purpose in life is to do everything she says.”

But, by now, Hope didn’t even know I was there. At best she saw my hand wrapped around Jessica’s throat, as if my hand on her neck was part of her. At best she heard my voice but it was no longer my voice. To her, it was like my words seemed to be coming from Jessica. Every other part of me vanished. “You’re so fucking lucky to be owned by her. And you will do everything she demands. If she has a bad day you’ll offer your body up for my love to hurt you. If she wants to cum, and I’m not around, you’ll offer up your body for pleasure. If she wants you to clean her feet with your fucking tongue you’ll thank her and offer your mouth up as a goddamn mop. Do you understand? She’s mine. You’re hers. Remember that. She’s mine. You’re hers. She’s mine. You are hers.”

“I’m yours. She’s mine,” flowed out of Jessica’s mouth.

“She’s yours. I’m hers,” flowed out of Hope’s mouth.

“That’s it,” I answered both of them. “Hear that echoing in your heads. Let it resonate and never forget it.”

Jessica reached up with her free hand and wrapped it around my head, bracing herself as her body began to shake. “That’s it baby. Give it to her. She’s yours. Claim that dirty little whore. Look at her looking at you. She’s like a new born puppy, so happy to finally be in a loving home. She’s yours. You own her like I own you.”

“Yesssssss, daddy! Thank you!”

And with that Jessica screamed, “Fucking cunt, bitch, slut, whore! You’re mine. I own you.” Streams of cum splashed out of Jessica’s cunt, all over Hope’s face- all over my hand in Hope’s mouth.

“Don’t stop, baby. Give it to her. Give it all to her. She’s yours. You’re mine. Never forget it.”

Jessica’s juices drenched all of Hope, getting in her eyes and in her hair. But Hope never looked away. Her focus stayed locked on Jessica, even as she tried to catch all her cum in her gaping mouth. The streams of juices that came out of Jessica seemed endless in what might have been described as a seamless transition from one orgasm to another. But feeling her energy against my body I couldn’t be sure. It felt more like dimensions collapsing into one another. I knew in that moment that Hope was ours forever. I knew she had finally found her place. I knew that Jessica would never be jealous of Hope. How could she be? You don’t get jealous of a blender or a toaster-oven. And that’s what Hope would become to us. She would be an object that served a purpose, and when it was done serving its purpose it could be put back in its place.

“That’s it baby. Squirt all over her. Spray your juices all over that whore. Mark your property. Soak her entire fucking body with your cum. Give it to her. Make her yours. Show her who’s in control.” Jessica obeyed every word I said, rubbing her clit and pushing out more and more cum, evacuating her body of fluid.

The redhead on her knees, with her hands and feet bound, with her mouth stretched open by my fingers, juices spilling out, she cried her words from the back of her throat, “Thank you! My God, thank you. This is what I need.”

Finally, when Jessica was done spraying the whore she was barely able to stand, I let go of her throat and turned her around to face me. Kissing her forehead, she whispered, “Thank you, daddy,” and collapsed into my arms.

I carried Jessica to the bed and laid her down as I laid next to her. Even though she seemed unconscious, I whispered, “I love you, baby,” brushing long strands of dark hair off her face. I held onto Jessica, nothing existing anymore except me, her, and the sounds of a redhead licking lady-cum off of my hardwood floors.


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