Erotic Poetry: Teetering on the Edge of a Flat Earth

Amidst the abstractions and vacant dwellings

The cosmic overture whispers a timeless anthem,

Beseeched into existence.

Stretched over eons, a breathless expansion 

Of silent orbs in unbloodied revolution.

Dimly lit laughter and 

Dim-witted banter ride plumes of smoke

Up into their dereliction. 

The clatter moves in waves and flows like the tide, 

1:30 AM I see the high-water mark

The demarcation between yesterday and tomorrow. 

Where solitude folds the distance between each thought.

And all those who cling to another 

Or cling to a drink 

Are the envy of those empty-handed 


“Would it surprise you if the stars look 

Down on us with the same bewildered curiosity

As we look up at them?” 

My voice cringing in the back of my throat 

Like a naked boy giving a speech 

Her thin sleek neck exposed triumphant 

In silent irony,

Tipping back the last of her beverage. 

My martyred sentences surrender  

To her agnosticism. 


Cruel gravity shifting beneath our unequilibrium 

At the solstice of a shared dream.

The stars evoke their glib opulence 


She refuses to see

And I lack the ability to make her

I’m ready to retreat to a cold empty bed

Warmed only by a snoring dog.

The echo of our footsteps finds no company 

Brick and concrete, cold as her surreptitious hand

Reaching for mine

Is this an unexpected inauguration

To become a memory misremembered in our winter?

In the carriage of a moment lost

A sound unheard

A word unspoken 

A sign unheeded

Lips unkissed 


I will my mouth to be the voiceless harbinger 

Breathing my mythology into existence 

A castle built from grandiose ideas and exaggerated tales 

Toppled by a light breeze.

The luminance of her eyes reflect 

Like moonlight on a rippling pool of poisonous argent mercury 

The stars awaken from their languor

Witness to a dark confession 

Holding their collective breath 

An inch or a light-year makes no difference

In the space between. 

Our gravity submitting, warps time and space. 

Planets collide, as do stars and galaxies 

Maybe even universes

And tonight, our lips. 


The intolerance of time 

Pulling a thread faster and faster

Unwinding until our silky friction 

Rubs flesh raw to the bone

As yet, unshattered glass

She bites into me bringing a welcomed pain

Drowning in a rebellion of thoughts

The litigation of self within self

Gaveled to silence by her touch

Her reckless disorder pulls me into a wandering maze 

Where we both shed our modesties 


I can’t smother her enough pushing with all my weight

She wraps her legs around me and pulls.

I dig so deep when I look up there’s only black 

And maybe that’s what she wants. 

The further away we get the less I recognize

Sounds I’ve never made, grunting like a wild beast 

Without thought I reach for her throat

She urges me to squeeze 

Her mouth opened as if a notion is on the tip of her tongue 

But now misplaced

Gone into the ether where all things fleeting die 

Amidst the sunken ships and sea monsters

Surrounded by fog,

Teetering on the edge of a flat earth

Running to something

Just as hard as running away 

An unseeable truth 

My greediness wants to take and take 

And her greediness wants to give 

Defragmenting together into a billion pieces 

Laid bare, 

Stripped naked 


Eyes clenched 

Nails dug into skin