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I have been writing erotica for many years. Actually, it started out as a way for me to get girls interested in me. I didn’t really consider it erotica, because I was usually writing for an audience of just one, but doing this was an important part of my development. It showed me how powerful the written word can be to reaching the parts of a woman’s brain devoted to stimulation. As I branched out and reached more and more people with my writing, my erotica evolved to something more than just trying to excite. Now, my erotica is first and foremost about people. Sex is often one of the biggest and most important components of our life. You can’t write about relationships without writing about sex. Who we are, our fears, our insecurities, our passions, our identity often gets exposed in our most intimate moments.

It seems like people, and women in particular, appreciate my perspective on sex and relationships, so I feel it is important to explain where I am coming from with the topics I choose to write about. My personal belief on sex is that all sex is a form of BDSM. This may be difficult for many to appreciate, because the stereotype of BDSM is typically people dressed in leather, beating the shit out of one another. I tend to take a broader view. Kissing, and cuddling is a part of BDSM. Love and intimacy is a part of it. Sure, so is spanking, choking, consensual non-consent, sadism, masochism, and so much more, but if you like your nipples bit, or your hair pulled, that is masochism. If you want to be held after sex, that is a huge component of BDSM known as aftercare.

I explain this because I will touch on subjects that are taboo for many who are not a part of the BDSM world (and maybe even some topics that are taboo for those who are active in the community), but this in no way means these writings have no value to the more vanilla among us. One of the great gifts that comes with being able to express myself in this form, is that it empowers many who have had fantasies they have struggled with, and been ashamed of, to open up to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I have been so ashamed of being turned on by that, and reading your writing made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

I personally identify as dominant so the majority of my writing tends to come from that perspective. I will, however, step outside of my comfort zone and write stories about male submissives and Dommes from time to time. There is a great motto in the BDSM community that goes like this: Your kink is not my kink. The desire to judge others is deeply rooted in who we are as humans, but so is the desire not to be judged. When you read my erotica, know that you are not reading a nonfictional retelling of stories from my life. Even if I do write about real events, I frequently add things or combine multiple events into one story.

Your kink is not my kink. My kink is not yours. All I ask is that you go into each of my writings with an open mind. If the subject matter makes you uncomfortable, simply choose to look for something else to read. Above all else, I hope that you enjoy yourself here. I hope that I am able to expand your thinking, push your limits, and open your mind, and if I happen to turn you on a little along the way, then I feel like I have done something pretty special.